The foundation of mining machinery and equipment in the market active is the constant innovation and improvement. As a member of mill equipment, since the beginning of R & D, ultrafine mill began to do appropriate adjustment, according to customer requirements and technical progress.

Ultrafine Mill Production Cost

Ultrafine powder materials by special technology processing, have very wide production applicability. Most of them can be directly used for processing of industrial products. And modified by special treatment, its use field can expand exponentially. Many new industrial products use superfine powder material as additives, and greatly improve the product of original strength, elasticity, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-aging, anti-radiation performance. At the same time, the production cost is greatly reduced.

Ultrafine Mill Production Site

Ultrafine Mill Innovative Design

The grinding roll and grinding ring of ultrafine mill use innovative design. Compared with the general Raymond mill, the design of between grinding roller and grinding ring is multilevel ladder. This will reduce the material's slip velocity between grinding roller and grinding ring, extend the material compaction time, and improve the product's fineness and yield.

Ultrafine Mill Advantages

The ultra fine mill combines the advantages of Raymond mill and high pressure grinding mill. The grinding roller assembly connects with the horizontally placed spring by pull rod.

The produced radial force avoids the wear of spindle and bearing because of large materials into the grinding chamber. The grinding roll and grinding ring's update cycle is long, and improve the service life.

In the product fineness, compared with Raymond mill, ultrafine mill makes the clearance adjusting between the powder concentrator's blade and shell become convenient and fast, greatly improves the precision of finished product.

The winnowing airflow of ultrafine mill is in fan - shell - cyclone - fan internal circulation flow operation. So in the production process, there is less dust, the operation workshop is clean, and pollution free.

In order to realize the automation, large scale, high efficiency and energy saving of mine environmental protection equipment, ultra fine grinding mill should be adopted the industry leading technology to create, and set technology, innovation, quality, environmental protection with a suit. Believe that with the development of science and technology, in the near future, ultrafine grinder technology will be more innovative, and adapt to the trend of low carbon economy, for the construction of green environmental protection give their strength.

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