Recent years, with the rapid development of construction industry, more and more investors start to turn their eyes on sand making machine. Zenith provides VSI sand making crusher for the customers. But still in the working process of sand making machine, there might be some problems. Only deal with these frequent problems properly can the customers get most profits. In this article, we focus on frequent problems and solutions in VSI sand making crusher.

Problems And Solutions In sand making machine

Problem: the main body vibrates greatly

Reason and solution:

The wear parts in impeller are badly damaged. The badly worn of parts in impeller will lead to the unstable in the inner part of sand making machine. In this case, the main body will vibrate greatly. To solve this problem, operators should replace the broken parts.

The input raw materials are too big. Operators should reduce the input size of raw materials and separate the large sized rocks out.

There is block in the impeller and should be taken away.

Problem: the final sand size increases

Solution: the final products size increases because the V-belt loosens. Operators should tighten the belt in a proper degree.

Problem: while the machine idling, there is strong resistance.

Solution: This is because there are materials blocked in the sealed cap in bearings. In this case, operators should open the sealed cap and remove the blocked materials.

Problem: the bearings heat

Reason and solution:

The bearings are lack of oil. Operators should add oil to the bearings. But the oil should not be too much or too less.

There is dust in the bearings. In this case, operators should wash the bearings.

The bearings are broken and need to be changed.

These are only the frequent problems that can be solved by operators, but if the problem is very severe, operators should ask professional engineers for help.

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