Once found the cone crusher faults, operators should stop the cone crusher and check it to avoid serious damage. If operators deal with these problems properly, it will greatly save production cost. So in this article, we mainly introduce frequent problems and solutions in cone crusher work process.

Problems And Solutions In Cone Crusher

Problem: the oil pump heats

Solution: This might because the oil is thick or the temperature of the oil is low. To solve this problem, customers can change the thick oil with light oil or heat the oil.

Problem: The oil pump works but the oil pressure is quite low

Reason and solution:

  • The oil suction pipe blocks. To solve this problem, customers should clean the oil pipe.
  • The gear of oil pump wears. Customers should change the oil pump.
  • The pressure gage is inaccurate. Customers should change the pressure gage.

Problem: cone crusher vibrates greatly and the mantle move faster

Reason and solution:

There is no oil between principal axis and bushing or need to be cleaned. Operators should add oil between them or clean them.

The mantle sinks or the sphere bearing broken. To solve this problem, operators should adjust the mantle or replace the broken bearing with a new one.

Problem: when cone crusher is idling, there is a sound

Reason: the mantle or concaves impacts each other

Solution: stop the cone crusher and check the tightness of screws. If they are broken, operators should replace them. Check if the scale board is elliptical, if necessary, operators should change or adjust them.

Problem: the final products size increases

Reason: the mantle is badly damaged

Solution: adjust the discharge opening. Decrease the size of the discharge opening or change the scale board.

Obviously, the above mentioned are only a small part of the might problems of cone crusher in its working process. If you want to know more or if you are interested in cone crusher, please contact our online operator for more info.

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