As we know, impact crusher has large capacity and high crushing ratio and some other advantages compared with traditional hammer crusher. But in the impact crusher working process, there will produce much powder, which will not only pollute the environment but also reduce the efficiency. In this article, we mainly talk about reasons and solutions about powder producing in impact crusher.

Powder Producing Reasons In Impact Crusher

After analyzing the working process of impact crusher, engineers from Zenith summarize the reasons powder producing in impact crusher.

The raw materials are crushed by the impact force from the high speed blow bar. After a series of crushing process, the raw materials are getting finer and finer. Then through the driving of rotor, and also because of its own inertia, the fine particles will fly out of the crushing cavity. In this case, there will be much powder produced.

After long-term operation, the impact plate and blow bar will wear to a certain degree. The blow bar even will part or impact plate drops, which will lead to the poor impermeability of impact crusher. This will also lead to much powder produced.

Solutions About Powder Producing

To reduce or avoid the powder producing in impact crusher, here are some solutions:

For the raw materials that may contain much powder after crushing, customers can firstly screen them before crushing in order to reduce the origin to produce powder.

In order to reduce powder content in the final products, we can equip dust collecting device in the crushing cavity, which will effectively reduce the environment pollution.

We can also add some water to the raw materials needs to be crushed; this will also reduce the powder producing in the working process. But there is one thing, the water added must be properly, too much water will lead to adhesive.

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