As a leading manufacturer in China, Zenith provides VSI sand making crusher for customers. Recent years, sand making machine is getting more and more popular among investors. Operating sand making machine properly means a lot in artificial sand making process. There are some rules operators should strictly follow. In this article, we mainly introduce operating rules of VSI sand making crusher.

Operating Rules Of sand making machine

Rules Before Start The Crusher

  • Before starting the sand making machine, operators should firstly check if the observation door is fastened. This is for avoiding the raw materials rushed out from the observation door and cause danger.
  • Check the rotation direction of the impeller from the feed inlet. The impeller should rotate anticlockwise, if not, operators should adjust the connecting.
  • Make sure there is no rock or other materials in the crusher. If there is, operators should remove it immediately.

Rules In The Operation

The start order of sand making machine and conveying equipment is: discharge device- sand making machine- feeder. The crusher must be starting idling and when it works stable, operators can start the feeder and feed raw materials into crusher.

The raw materials should be fed into sand making machine evenly and continuously. Besides, the size of raw materials must under allowed range. If not, the big sized materials may cause the imbalance of impeller and over damage, even lead to the blocking of impeller. In this case, the crusher cannot work normally. Once found big sized materials, operators should separate them out.

In the crushing process of crusher, there should not have great vibration or abnormal noise. If there is, operators should stop the crusher and check it.

Rules After Stop The Crusher

  • Before stopping the sand making machine, operators should stop the feeder firstly.
  • While the discharge equipment stops working, operators should stop feeding raw materials timely, or it will damage the motor.
  • After stop the crusher, operators should check the parts. Once found worn, operators should adjust or replace them timely.

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