Jaw crusher is the most commonly used primary crushing equipment in crushing plant. Jaw crusher is very popular among customers because of its simple structure, large capacity and high crushing ratio. Even though jaw crusher is easy to operate, there are still some rules customers should follow in order to keep its high efficiency. In this article, we mainly talk about how to operate jaw crusher properly.

Operating Rules Of Jaw Crusher

Here we mainly introduce the rules from three aspects: what the operators should do before starting the machine, in the operation and stop the machine.

Rules Before Starting Jaw Crusher

  • Make sure the lubrication of bearings in the feeder and the jaw crusher in good condition;
  • Make sure there is enough lubrication oil in the reduce box;
  • Make sure the fasteners are tight and make sure the dust collection system and driving belt are in good condition;
  • Make sure the discharge opening, adjustment device, flywheel and the driving parts work normal;
  • Make sure there is no rock or sundries in the jaw crusher;
  • The operator should not start the feeder until the jaw crusher work stable.

Rules In The Operation

Make sure there is no wood and iron mixed in the raw materials. If found any uncrushable materials, operators should separate them out.

The raw materials should be fed into jaw crusher evenly and continuously. What's more, the max feed size of materials should be under the allowed range. Once found blocks in the feed opening, operators should stop the feeder and remove the blocked materials.

Check the electric instrument regularly. When there is a problem, operators should inform professional electrician instead of repairing it himself.

Rules When Stop Jaw Crusher

Before stopping the jaw crusher, operators should stop the feeder first and wait until all the materials in the feeder fed into jaw crusher, then turn off jaw crusher.

When there is a sudden power cut, operators should turn off the switch immediately and clean up the raw materials left in the jaw crusher.

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