Cone crusher plays important role in stone crushing fields. In the crushing process, to keep the high efficiency of cone crusher, we should properly operate it. In this article, we mainly introduce the operating rules that operators should follow to make sure they can operate cone crusher properly.

Operating Rules Of Cone Crusher

Operating Condition

  • There must be fully equipped with safety protection device and adjustment device. Besides, there also should consist of sensitive and reliable instrument device.
  • The lubrication system should be reliable without blocking.
  • There should be dust collecting system in cone crusher.
  • The concaves and mantle mustn't contact under any circumstance.

Preparations Before Starting Cone Crusher

  • Operators should put on protective articles, such as labor suit, safety helmet etc.
  • Make sure that the screws in each part are tight and in good condition;
  • Make sure that there are no obstacles around the motor;
  • Make sure that is no rock in the crushing cavity. If there is, operators should clean it out;
  • Make sure the belt and screws are properly tight;
  • Make sure the discharge opening reach to requirement;
  • Make sure the power supply is normal and the protection system is in good condition.

Rules In The Crushing Process

  • Make sure no iron or other foreign bodies enter the cone crusher.
  • The raw materials should be fed into cone crusher evenly and continuously. Besides, the max feed size of material should be under allowed range. Once found blocks in the feed opening, operators should stop the feeder and remove the blocked materials.
  • Make sure there is no blocking in the discharge opening and adjust the discharge opening size timely.

Dos When Stop The Crusher

  • Before stopping the crusher, the operator should stop the feeder first and wait until all the raw materials in the feeder fed into the crusher.
  • When there is a sudden power cut, the operator should turn off the switch immediately and clean up the raw materials left in the crusher.
  • After stopping the crusher, the operator should check each part of the cone crusher. If found any problem, the operator should deal with it immediately.

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