The main components of jaw crusher are eccentric shaft, flywheel, fixed& movable jaw plate, toggle plate, movable jaw etc. Among them, movable jaw is one of the most important parts in jaw crusher and also it has complicated structure. Movable jaw plays important role in jaw crusher. It supports the jaw plates and directly involves in the crushing process. It bears the driving force from the toggle plate and the strong extrusion force produced in the crushing process, so movable jaw must be firm and durable. In this case, the design of movable jaw in jaw crusher means a lot.

Movable Jaw Design In Jaw Crusher

According to statistics, there are over 1000 jaw crusher manufacturers in China, among which many manufacturers are in small scale and lag in technology. The structures of movable jaws of some jaw crushers are in-proper, the movable jaw heavy and low strength, which leads to the short service life and wasting the raw materials. Especially in the lower part of movable jaw will easily parts. To optimize the design of movable jaw, here are some suggestions:

Optimized Design In Shape And Size

The shape and size of movable jaw mainly depends on two factors. One is the force the movable jaw bears and the other is the manufacturing process and the appearance. The former factor is the basis of guaranteeing the stiffness and strength of the movable jaw. On the basis of meeting these factors, the lighter of the movable jaw, the better. At the same time, the manufacturer should also consider about the manufacture technics and the appearance of the movable jaw. After research, Zenith engineers found out that based on proper stiffness and strength, we should lower the stress of the section as much as we can in order to extend the service life and reduce the weight of movable jaw.

Optimized Design Of Vertical Section

The vertical section of movable jaw is trapezoidal which means the upper side should be bigger than the lower side but not too much. In this case, while designing the movable jaw, engineers should properly decrease the section size of the upper side and increase the lower side section size according to the force the movable jaw bears and the damage situation. This will extend the service life of movable jaw, also save raw materials.

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