Recent years, with the dwindling of natural sand resources and the protection policies of government, artificial sand making industry shows its remarkable growth. More and more investors set foot in sand making. Because of its simple structure and high efficiency, Zenith VSI sand making is getting more and more popular among customers. And in order to extend the service life of sand making machine, we need maintain it regularly. In this article, we mainly talk about tips and suggestions for maintenance of VSI sand making machine.

Maintenance Of sand making machine

For the regularly maintenance of sand making machine, there are several steps we need to do.

Open the observation door and Check the wear degree of the inner parts in the sand making machine regularly, such as upper and lower wear plate, impact plate, guard block etc. Once found damage, operators should repair or replace them timely. What's more, operators should pay attention to the new parts and make sure the specifications are the same with the old ones. Attention: the observation door mustn't be opened while the crusher is running.

Check the tightness of the driving belt regularly and make sure the proper tightness and evenly pressure of the belt. While the sand making machine is double motored, making sure the belts are in same length.

After about 400hours working, operators should add proper lubrication oil. And when the machine works 2000 hours, operators should clean the bearings. After 7200 hours working, operators should change the bearings with new ones.

Since sand making machine is a kind of high-speed operation equipment, operators should take extra security precautions in the working process. If any repair is needed, operators should first cut off the power.

Zenith provides not only high quality sand making machines, but also attentive service to our customers. If you purchase machines from Zenith, we can send our professional installation team to the local country to help you install the machine and train the operators for free.

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