In the working process of jaw crusher, operators not only follow the operating rules, but also pay attention to the maintenance of jaw crusher. Here are some suggestions for maintain jaw crusher.

Maintenance Of Jaw Crusher

In the following part, we mainly introduce the maintenance of jaw crusher from three aspects: maintenance before starting jaw crusher, maintenance in the crushing process, and maintenance after stopping jaw crusher.

Maintenance Before Starting Jaw Crusher

Check if there is enough lubrication oil in the connecting of toggle plate and make sure the tightness of all the fasteners. The operator should check if the V-belt is tight enough and make sure the belt bear averaged force. Once worn badly, the V-belt should be replaced timely. Check if there is any rock or other materials in the crushing cavity. If there is, clean them out to make sure the jaw crusher starts with nothing in the crushing cavity.

Maintenance In The Crushing Process

In the crushing process, operators should feed the raw materials evenly into the crushing cavity to avoid overload. Besides, the max temperature of bearings should under 70℃. Before turn off the power of jaw crusher, operators should firstly stop feeding the raw materials.

Maintenance After Stopping Jaw Crusher

The maintenance after stopping jaw crusher includes minor maintenance, medium maintenance and major maintenance. The maintenance periods and methods are different of these three steps.

The minor maintenance consists of checking and repairing the adjustment device, the discharging gap, the adjustment or replacement of the worn jaw plate. Generally, the minor maintenance should be done every one to three months. The medium maintenance not only should consist of all the procedures in the minor maintenance but also change the toggle plate, jaw plates etc. the period of medium maintenance is one or two years. The major maintenance includes all the procedures in the medium maintenance and the replacement of the eccentric shaft, the repairmen of the tie rod, the replacement or repair of the wear parts. Every five years, the operator should give a major maintenance to jaw crusher.

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