While used in crushing line, impact crusher is generally used as secondary or fine crushing equipment. It plays very important role in mining and construction fields. To keep the normal working and high efficiency of impact crusher, the operators should maintain it regularly. In this article, we mainly introduce some tips and suggestions for maintenance of impact crusher.

Maintenance Of Impact Crusher

After a new impact crusher being put into operation, at the end of every shaft, operator should make overall check about the machine to make sure every part is in good condition. In the first two weeks, this process should be done every day and then operator should check the impact crusher monthly. The motor and lubrication of impact crusher should be checked weekly. Also, the wear degree of main wear-resistant parts should also be checked every week. In the following part, we focus on the maintenance of main parts, like blow bar, rotor, impact plate and so on.

Gap Adjustment Between Rotor And Impact Plate

The gap between rotor and impact plate is mainly for final products size adjustment, and it should not adjusted while the rotor is running. If raw materials block between impact plate and plate shell, we suggest operator lift the impact rack a little before adjusting the gap. In this case, the raw materials blocked will loose and fall down.

Maintenance Of Blow Bar

As we know, the blow bar is the main crushing part in impact crusher. It directly contacts the raw materials. In the operation process, operators should check the blow bar regularly and make sure it is not badly damaged. Besides, operators should make sure the contact surface of blow bar in good condition in order to improve its abrasive resistance and service life. When found the blow bar wears to a certain degree and cannot be used any more, operators should replace it to avoid the damage of other parts.

Maintenance Of Impact Plate

The impact plate is also very important wear-resistant part in impact crusher. Operators should check and maintain it regularly. Once found any problems, operators should deal with it immediately.

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