In order to make sure the normal running and high efficiency of jaw crusher, the installation must be done accurately. Especially when replacing the broken parts or worn parts, the operator should pay close attention to how to install these parts. In this article, we mainly talk about the installation of main wear-resistant parts in jaw crusher.

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts Installation

As we know, the main wear parts in jaw crusher are fixed& movable jaw plate, toggle plate and frame and so on. Here we focus on the installation of these parts.

Fixed& movable jaw plate installation: since fixed and movable jaw plate forms the crushing cavity in jaw crusher and they contact the raw materials directly, so the fixed and movable jaw plate needs to be changed regularly. While installation, by using a bolt or wedge, we can fix the tooth plate on the front side of frame and the movable jaw. The contact surface of the jaw plates and movable jaw must be straight.

Frame installation: generally, jaw crusher is stalled on the basis of concrete bed. In order to reduce the vibration of jaw crusher and to reduce the noise produced, we should put a piece of square hard wood or rubber between the frame and the concrete bed. The level of the frame should reach to the standard both in horizontal and vertical. The wood or rubber between the frame and concrete bed must be level, even and stable.

Toggle plate installation: while changing toggle plate, there are several steps. Firstly, loosen the spring nut of the tie rod and take the spring down. Then tie up the lower part of the movable jaw plate with steel wire and pull the steel wire with a lever block. At this time, the movable jaw plate will get close to the fixed jaw plate. And then toggle plate will fall down. After dismantling the broken toggle plate, we can drag the new one into the seat by the steel wire. And then loosen the lever block, the toggle plate will close to the toggle seat. Put the tie rod and spring back and take the lever block down.

The above mentioned parts are only a very small part in jaw crusher, the actual installation process in very complex. While installation, operators should be trained. Zenith provides free installation service and operator training for customers who purchase machines from our company. If you are interested in jaw crusher, please contact us.

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