Jaw crusher is the most commonly used crushing equipment in stone processing plant. It is generally used as primary crusher for coarsely crushing the raw materials. As we all know, every machine has wear-resistant parts, so does jaw crusher. so in this article, we mainly talk about the main wear-resistant parts in jaw crusher and their functions.

Jaw Crusher Wear Parts And Their Functions

Main Wear-Resistant Parts In Jaw Crusher

The main components of jaw crusher are frame, eccentric shaft, toggle plate, flywheel, movable jaw, and movable jaw plate, fixed jaw plate, set adjustment, and main bearings and so on. Among these parts, the fixed& movable jaw plate, toggle plate, eccentric shaft are the main wear-resistant parts in jaw crusher.

Functions Of These Parts

Fixed& movable jaw plate: in jaw crushers, fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate forms the crushing cavity, where the raw materials are crushed. In this case, the jaw plates directly contact the raw materials. While working, the fixed jaw plate does not move and the movable jaw plate moves back and forth towards the fixed jaw plate. In this process, the raw materials will be squeezed and crushed.

Toggle plate: toggle plate plays very important role in jaw crusher. It mainly has two functions. On the one hand, toggle plate transmits the driving force and supports the lower part of the movable jaw plate. On the other hand, toggle plate can protect jaw crusher. When there is iron or some other foreign bodies that cannot be crushed enter the crushing cavity, the toggle plate will part firstly to avoid the damage of other expensive parts.

Eccentric shaft: eccentric shaft is mainly used to transmit the driving force. The driving part of eccentric shaft is composed of movable jaw, eccentric shaft, bearing seat, belt pulley and so on. Since the center of eccentric shaft is not its axis center, so the eccentric shaft moves in excircle. In the crushing process, the eccentric shaft and bearings drive the movable jaw plate moving back and forth to crush the raw materials.

Knowing more about these parts and their functions, can the customers pay more attention to them in the crushing process.

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