Sand making machine is a kind of heavy equipment. For the installation and operation of sand making machine, customers should follow some rules. The installation of sand making machine is very important. In this article, we mainly talk about attentions for the installation of sand making machine.

Installation Of Sand Making Machine

The installation of sand making machine is a very complex process, there are several factors we should pay special attention to.

Foundation Bed

Sand making machine should be installed on concrete foundation, which can bear weight much heavier than the sand making machine itself. The sand making machine can be installed indoor or outdoor according to the requirements of customers. While installation, make sure that there is some extra space around the machine for the maintenance and sling and make sure the principle axle should be perpendicular to the horizontal.

Overall Check

After installation, operators should make overall check about the machine and check if every part is in good condition. And make sure there is no foreign body on the impeller.

Belt Check

Check the belt in the motor and make sure the turning direction of the motor and the label are in the same direction. If not, operators should adjust the motor. If the sand making machine is double motored, make sure the belts are in same length.

Check if the observation door is fast to avoid raw materials pushed out from the observation door. Besides, customers should turn on the machines in turns. Start to feed raw materials until the sand making machine works stable, so the turn is: sand making machine-feeder.

The above mentioned are just a small part for installation of sand making machine. Actually, installation is a very complex process. We suggest customers consult professional engineer for help.

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