As we know, crushing equipment is generally used in the mining site and the working condition is not so good. In this case, we should pay more attention to the installation of jaw crusher to make sure its normal running. In this article, we mainly introduce some tips and suggestions for installation of jaw crusher.

Installation Of Jaw Crusher

Reduce Vibration

As we know, jaw crusher crushes raw materials through the extrusion force of movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate, so there will be vibration in the crushing cavity. In order to reduce the vibration, noise and the influence about the foundations of buildings around, we should install the jaw crusher on the concrete bed, putting hard wood, rubber or some other vibration-absorptive materials between jaw crusher and the concrete bed to reduce the vibration.

Avoid Blocking

Jaw crusher has strong working strength, so there will be great impact force to the discharge trough in the final products discharging process, which may damage the discharge trough. So we should put a piece of metal plate in the discharge trough with enough oblique angle, in order to avoid the blocking of final products.

Final Products Size Adjustment

The discharge opening size should be adjusted according to the desired products size. While adjusting the discharge opening, there are several steps. Firstly, loosen the T-shaped bolt and the spring. Then opening the adjusting seat, put or remove gaskets with a certain thickness, after this, the adjusting seat will fall because of its gravity and tightly fit with the frame. At the same time, the gaskets will be gathered. Then adjust the spring to make sure the toggle plate and its pad are tightly matched.

The installation steps of jaw crusher should be adjusted according to the actual situation. Besides, the above mentioned are only some suggestions, the actual installation process of jaw crusher is very complicated. Zenith provides professional installation team to help the customers to install the machines if you purchase machines form our company. If you interested in jaw crushers, please contact us.

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