In order to keep the stable running of impact crusher, we should firstly install it accurately. In the installation process of impact crusher, there are some factors we should pay special attention to. In this article, we mainly introduce attentions for installation of impact crusher.

Installation Of Impact Crusher

Make Sure The Tightness

Before installing and test running the impact crusher, operators should make sure the tightness of fasteners, because there is vibration in the impact crusher working process. Also, in the producing process, operators should check the fasteners regularly to make sure their tightness.

Make Sure The Directions

While install impact crusher, operators should make sure the feeding direction and discharging direction according to the configuration of the crusher. As we know, impact crusher has high crushing ratio and efficiency, if the feeding direction is wrong, there will be great trouble. At the same time, in order to avoid the fly off of raw materials from the feed opening, we put chain gate at the feed opening to make sure the safety operation.

Adjustment Device Installation

The gap between rotor and impact plate is mainly for adjusting the final products size of impact crusher. The gap should be adjusted slowly. After adjustment, rotates the rotor by hand, making sure there is no clash between. Besides, operators should make sure the feed opening and discharge opening ideally match with other parts according to the install height of impact crusher.

Installation Effect

The effective way to test the installation effect of impact crusher is running the machine without feeding raw materials. Operators should pay special attention to the auto control system, the impact plate, the tightness of belt etc.

As we know, it is a very complicated process for installing impact crusher, because we should pay attention to every part. But if customers purchase impact crushers from Zenith, we can send our installation team to help the customer install the machine for free. So if you are interested in impact crusher, do not hesitate to contact our online operator for more info.

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