The installation of cone crusher means a lot for the further working process. Besides check the numbers of the spare parts and remove the package, there are also other factors we should pay attention to. In this article, we mainly introduce attentions for installation for cone crusher.

Installation Of Cone Crusher

While install cone crusher, we need pay special attention to the foundation, frame, lubrication system, feed opening& discharge opening etc.


Cone crusher should be installed on a stable steel reinforced concrete foundation. Customers can decide the depth of the foundation according to their local geological conditions. And in order to avoid the piling of crushed raw materials, there should have enough space under the foundation for installing the conveyor. Besides, to avoid the damage of foundation, customers should put a guard board on the foundation.


While installing the frame, customers should strictly keep its verticality and horizontality, which can ensure the stable work of cone crusher. If not, the eccentric bushing and sealing device will damage and lead to abnormal of the cone crusher.

Lubrication System

The configuration of the lubrication system should ensure the smoothly return of lubrication oil. And the installation of lubrication device should be done before install the cone crusher. Customers should firstly test if the lubrication system works normally.

Feed& Discharge Opening

The improper installation of feed& discharge opening will cause the harmful effect on cone crusher:

  • Reduce the capacity of cone crusher;
  • The final products are not evenly and contain large sized particles;
  • The unevenly wear of wear-resistant parts.

In the installation of feed& discharge opening, the height between feed inlet and distribution plate means a lot. Customers should install the feed opening according to the drawings. Besides, while installing the discharge opening, customers should pay attention to several factors to avoid blocking of crushed raw materials.

The above mentioned factors are only very small part of installation of cone crusher. As we know, installation is a complicated process, so if customers purchase cone crusher from Zenith, we will send our professional installation team to help you install the crusher. If you are interested in cone crusher, please contact us.

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