Maintenance of wear-resistant parts plays very important role in impact crusher, but knowing how to install the wear-resistant parts also means a lot. If the customer needs to replace the part with a new one, he should know how to remove the old one and install the new one. in this article, we mainly talk about the installation of main wear-resistant parts in impact crusher.

Impact Crusher Wear Parts Installation

Blow Bar Installation

When the blow bar wears into a certain degree, the operator should adjust or replace it timely to avoid the damage of other parts. When changing the blow bar, there are several steps. Firstly, open the rear case by using the cap device. Then turn the rotor by hand and move the blow bar need to be replaced to the access door and then fix the rotor. After, part the components that fix the blow bar and then push the blow bar out of the access door. While parting the blow bar, operators should slightly strike it. While installing a new one, we only need to invert the above steps. But attention, operators should make sure that blow bars with same weight put in the same place to avoid the unbalance of rotor.

Installation Of Scale Board

While replacing the scale board, we need firstly open the rear case and then replace the badly damaged scale board with the better one. When found there are raw materials blocked on the impact rack, operators can reduce the gap the between scale board and impact rack in order to avoid the blocking.

Installation Of Rotor

While changing the rotor, we should firstly open the rear case. Then take down the connecting bolt between rear case and middle case, opening the rear case slowly with a spanner. At this time, keep the rear case by the hanging device and then take the rotor out. While installation, we only need to invert the above steps and close the rear case.

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