Impact crusher plays very important role in crushing lines. It is normally used as secondary or fine crushing equipment and used for crushing soft or medium hard materials. In this article, we mainly talk about the main wear-resistant parts in impact crusher and their functions.

Impact Crusher Wear Parts And Their Functions

The main components of impact crusher are impact plate, rear case, impact rack, scale board, chassis, blow bar, rotor etc. Here we mainly talk about impact plate and blow bar.

Blow bar: in impact crusher, blow bar is one of the most important wear-resistant parts. When raw materials enter the crushing cavity, they will under great impact force and crushed by the high-speed blow bar. In this case, the blow bar directly contacts the raw materials and under greatly impact forces. So the blow bar needs to be changed regularly in order to keep the efficiency of impact crusher. In order to extend the service life and improve the crushing efficiency, Zenith adopts high chrome cast iron to make the blow bar and adopts special design in it. And when the blow bar wears to a certain degree and cannot be used anymore, operators should replace it immediately.

Impact plate: in impact crusher, raw materials in the crushing cavity will be crushed due to the high-speed impact force of the blow bar and be thrown to the impact plates on the rotor for another crushing. Then the materials will be shot back to the blow bar again for the third crushing. This process will repeat until all the materials reach to desired sizes. We can see that, in the crushing process, the impact plates are under great impact force of the raw materials. Typically, in order to extend the service life, manufacturers adopt high manganese steel to make impact plates. And they usually are in mansard or arched shape.

Only knowing the parts and their functions better, can the customers make better use of impact crusher. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact our online operator for more info.

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