In order to improve the service life of jaw crusher, the design of manufacturing process of the machine is very important. But knowing how to reduce the damage of the main wear-resistant parts also means a lot. In this article, we mainly talk about some tips for manufacturers and customers in reducing the damage of wear parts.

How To Reduce Jaw Crusher Wear Parts Damage

For The Manufacturer

First of all, the manufacturer should recommend suitable jaw crusher according to their situations. The jaw crusher chosen should be suitable for the raw material, the capacity, the input& output size etc. If not, there will be harm to the jaw plates and some other parts. Secondly, the manufacturer should optimize the design of jaw crusher and some wear parts, such as toggle plate, eccentric shaft, jaw plates etc. Zenith as a professional manufacturer, we keep on optimizing our jaw crusher and its parts. Here we mainly talk about the toggle plate and jaw plates.

Toggle plate: toggle plate plays very important role in jaw crusher. It can protect jaw crusher when some non-crushable materials enter the crushing cavity. In order to extend its service life, Zenith chooses cast iron to make toggle plate. Cast iron has good wear-resistance and anti-vibration, but the tensile strength is not so good. So it can part before the non-crushable stuff damage the jaw crusher.

Jaw plates: as we know, the crushing cavity of jaw crusher is formed of movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate, which makes the jaw plates under high extrusion force from the crushed materials. So in order to extend their service life, Zenith chooses high manganese steel to make jaw plates because high manganese steel is highly abrasion resistant and anti-pressure. Besides, we use tooth-board to increase the effective length of the jaw, which greatly improves the capacity.

For The Customers

First of all, during the crushing process, the operator should make sure he starts feeding raw materials after the jaw crusher works stable. Secondly, customers should make sure there is no iron or other foreign body enters jaw crusher. Thirdly, when the jaw plates damage badly, the operator should stop the machine immediately and replace them with new ones. If not, the final products size will increase or even damage the machine.

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