Every machine has wear-resistant parts, so does impact crusher. In order to extend the service life of impact crusher, the design of impact crusher is very important. But knowing how to reduce the damage of wear parts in impact crusher also means a lot in extending the service life. Zenith impact crusher adopts advanced crushing technology and designed by our reputed experts. Besides, we adopt high quality materials to make the main wear-resistant parts. In this article, we mainly talk about how to extend the service life of main wear parts in impact crusher.

How To Extend Impact Crusher Service Life

We mainly introduce this part from two aspects: the manufacturer and the customer.

For The Manufacturer

First of all, the impact crusher recommended must be suitable for the customer. In other words, the manufacturer should choose suitable impact crusher according to the requirements about the capacity, input& output size, power etc. to ensure the impact crusher totally suitable for the customer. If the impact crusher does not match the raw material need to be crushed, there will be harm to the impact crusher.

Secondly, the manufacturer should optimize the design of impact crusher and the main wear-resistant parts according to the feedback of users. While designing impact crusher, manufacturers should put the customer in the first place and pay more attention to the quality.

Finally, manufacturers should adopt high quality materials to make the main wear-resistant parts. In order to extend the service life, Zenith adopts high manganese steel to make the blow bar and impact plate.

For The Customers

Firstly, customers should strictly following the operating rules of impact crusher, such as starts feeding raw materials until the impact crusher works stable and firstly stop feeding and then stop the impact crusher etc.

Secondly, in the crushing process, avoid the entering of iron ore some materials that cannot be crushed enter the impact crusher.

Finally, once found abnormal in the impact crusher, customers should turn off the machine and check it.

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