1.Calculation size reduction ratio with the largest size of crushing material and the largest size after broken


  • Dmax is the biggest granularity of material before broken
  • dmax is the biggest granularity of material after broken

2.Calculation size reduction ratio with effective width of the crusher feeding mouth and the discharging mouth width


  • B - crusher feeding mouth width
  • b - crusher discharging mouth width
  • 0.85 is the width to ensure the crusher biting material effective and is expected

Discharging mouth width value of regulation:

  • The coarse crusher for the maximum discharging mouth width
  • The middle-sized crusher for the minimum discharging mouth width.

3.Calculation size reduction ratio with an average particle size


  • Dcp is the average diameter of the material
  • dcp is the average diameter of after the materia

Size reduction ratio obtained by this method, can more truly reflect the degree of sand and gravel equipment broken.

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