Compared with traditional hammer crusher, impact crusher has higher crushing ratio and has a better use of the impact force produced by high-speed rotor. But because the blow bar wears easily, so impact crusher has limit in materials. Generally, impact crusher is used for secondary or fine crushing of soft or medium hard materials. As we know, the capacity per unit time directly decides the yield of the whole plant, so improve the capacity of impact crusher is the priority. In this article, we introduce some factors affect the crushing capacity of impact crusher.

Factors Affect Impact Crusher Capacity

In order to improve the crushing capacity of impact crusher, we should know the factors affect the capacity first. There are many factors involved and here we mainly introduce four factors.

Hardness: the harder the raw material, the lower the capacity. It takes longer time to crush harder materials, which will lead to the capacity reduce. In this case, customers should choose suitable raw materials.

Moisture: when the raw materials contain much moisture, they will easy adhere in the crushing process, which will also lead to the reduction of capacity. To solve this problem, customers should strictly control the moisture. If the moisture content is too high, customers can firstly reduce the moisture through sunshine or air drying.

Viscosity: if the viscosity of raw materials is high, then the raw materials will easily adhere to the crushing cavity. If we do not clean them timely, this will greatly reduce the crushing capacity or even cause the abnormal of impact crusher.

Fineness: the finer the final products, the lower the capacity. But for this factor, we should adjust the final products size according to specific requirements of customers.

Besides the above mentioned factors, there are also some other factors affect the crushing capacity of impact crusher, such as the components of raw material, the wear-resistant parts in impact crusher etc. If you are interested in impact crusher, please contact our online operator for more info.

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