Cone crusher is a kind of very commonly used crushing equipment in stone or rock processing. The main wear-resistant parts in cone crusher are mantle, concaves, and bushing and so on. Since the mantle and concaves form the crushing cavity in cone crusher, so after a long term operation, they need to be changed to ensure the high efficiency of cone crusher. In this article, we mainly talk about the installation of main wear-resistant parts in cone crusher.

Cone Crusher Wear Parts Installation

Concaves And Mantle Installation

There are U-shaped screws fixed on the adjusting ring in the concaves. In order to keep the adjusting ring and concaves tightly integrated, we usually pour zinc alloy between them. The mantle of cone crusher is fixed on the main body by the cone head. There are zinc alloy between mantle and main body. While install new concaves or mantle, we should firstly install the scale board in the lower part, and then make sure there is a gap about 1-2mm between scale board and mantle. Then install the scale board in the upper side, and install the nut. After this, pouring the zinc alloy to them.

For the newly installed or changed mantle and concaves, operators should check the tightness after about 6-8 hours working. Once found there is loosen, operators should tighten them timely.

Bushing Installation

The bushing and eccentric bushing should be match and tightly integrated. To avoid the rotation of taper sleeve, we need to pour zinc alloy into it. Besides, the zinc alloy should fill all the gaps. Since the hot zinc alloy will lead to the deformation of the taper sleeve, so operators should pay special attention to the size of the new taper sleeve. Once found any problem, operators should adjust it timely.

Properly install the wear parts in cone crusher not only make sure the machine work normally, but also improve the efficiency.

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