In Congo,the storage of the Carbide is150 million,ranking second in the world.Congo is rich in the Carbide resources, with an annual output of about 24 million carats of Carbides rough stone,but more is the main industrial Carbide on mining.

Facing the pressure of economic development and the huge profits Carbide mining brings,the Congolese government constantly encourage industry company improve technology,increase the Carbide production and exports. From this perspective, the international Carbide market demand is rising and Carbide mining investment is quite promising.

Congo Carbide mineral separation process

In Congo,the grade of Carbide ore is extremely low.To extraction of Carbide grains from the very low content of ore genesis,we need to process after many Carbide processing technology.Generally,we need to adopt two method to choose,which is roughing and select.Then a variety of mineral processing method and complex ore mineral separation process flow is need.

Congo Carbide mineral separation process flow mainly depends on the choice of the properties of mine ore and factors such as the size of the concentrator. A reasonable mineral separation process should satisfy the following basic requirements: protect Carbide crystal,make its minimal damage,get the highest recovery rate,comprehensive recycling useful associated minerals as much as possible.

Congo Carbide roughing equipment

Congo Carbide sand ore roughing process is simple than the primary ore.It do not need to crushing, grinding, just washing, screening and desliming,and then can enter the roughing. Generally adopt the method of gravity separation to choose the Carbide.Congo Carbide mineral separation equipment is mainly used by JT sawtooth wave jigger.

Zenith JT sawtooth wave jigger Its jigging pulsating curve is similar to saw-tooth wave, which makes the up speed of water flow quicker than down speed of water flow, so it can improve looseness of jig bed and reduce suction action, which can lead to fully settlement of heavy particles in slurry, it highly improves separation ability and recovery rate. Stroke and frequency of stroke are adjustable.

Zenith JT sawtooth wave jigger has a simple structure, convenient operation and management, good separating effect, high recovery rate can reach 97% -100%, using circulating water operation, to water quality requirement is not high, large production capacity.

Congo Carbide selected equipment

  • Coarse Carbide grained: X photoelectric,ointment, selective grinding methods of screening and picking processing.
  • Mediun Carbide grained: surface layer of flotation, magnetic separation, electricity, selective grinding sieve grading.
  • Fine Carbide grained: the static chemical processing, froth flotation, magnetic separation method, heavy liquid, etc.

In the beneficiation process, to the different grained we often need to different machinery.Commonly,we need to deal with the Mediun materials. We can use the plant such as:

  • BF series flotation machine
  • CTL series dry magnetic separator
  • Desorption and electrolysis unit

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