Hungarian is rich in bauxite

In the developing course of the evolution of the earth, formed the famous geographical things such as Hungarian plain, KaiKai peak.This also created very favorable conditions for the formation of the bauxite . Bauxite is a kind of soil minerals,Its main ingredients are aluminum oxide. Bauxite is usually gray and turns brown yellow or light red by iron. Its mohs hardness is1-3,which is very soft.

At present, the bauxite in Hungary is mainly used for aluminium, refractory materials, precision casting, etc. Therefor bauxite is widely used in national defense, military industry, aviation, aerospace, automotive, electrical, chemical industry, communications, instrumentation, machinery, medical equipment and daily necessities, etc. Because of bauxite widely application in the production and living and rich bauxite production,Hungary becomes the largest bauxite production and export country in Europe.

Bauxite processing process

In the industrial production, we often determine the mineral processing technology and the size of finished product granularity according to the specific use of ore. In Hungary, according to the application of bauxite, we often for pulverizing.

Big block bauxite material is broken to the required size by jaw crusher,then be sent to the vertical mill storage hopper by the elevator.These bauxite materials is uniform continuously sent into the indoor host grinding for pulverizing by the vibrating feeder again.The bauxite powder after grinding rise with the fan air currents and enter the classifier for classification.The powder meet the fineness requirement can flow through the pipe into the big cyclone collector and being separation collection. Finally,the powder is discharged as the finished bauxite product.

Bauxite processing vertical mill

Shanghai Zenith Company is the leading professional supplier of solution,equipment and service for crushing and grinding industry.In past 20years,we constantly absorb excellent technology at home and abroad.Zenith LUM vertical roller mill sets medium crushing, drying, grinding, classifying and other functions as a whole, being the ideal equipment in the grinding industry.

Already be proven commercially, the LUM vertical roller mill presents a major advance in roller mills for finish grinding process. Comparing with other common roller mills, vertical roller mill has the feature as follow.

  • Space-saving design,reducing the civil construction costs.
  • High-efficiency,energy-saving,which means a 50% reduction in per-unit power consumption over ball mills.
  • The particle size adjustments of this vertical mill are simple, with minimal noise and vibration.
  • It also very environmentally friendly by protectint the working environment with measures to prevent particle escape.

Our bauxite processing vertical mill in Hungarian sells to more than 130 countries around the world.With its excellent performance,we win the unanimous favorable comment of customers from all over the world.If you are interested in our products or you want to learn more about the product price, usage and customer feedback information, please click on the webpage for free consultation, we will provide you with the comprehensive solution.

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