The jaw plates, the jaw stock and toggle plate are the main wear-resistant parts in jaw crusher; they will damages and wears in various levels. In this case, we need to adopt raw materials with high hardness and high tenacity to make these parts. But the tenacity and hardness in materials are mutual contradiction, so while choosing suitable materials for jaw crusher wear parts, we should full consider the actual working conditions. In this article, we mainly talk about attentions when choose suitable materials for jaw crusher wear parts.

Attentions When Choosing Wear Parts Materials

There are several factors we need pay attention to while choosing wear parts materials.

The Impact Force

As we know, wear parts in larger scaled machines damages faster than small scaled ones. The larger the raw materials, the stronger of the impact force. So, to ensure the tenacity of the parts, without broken of the wears parts, we should improve the hardness. Obviously, high manganese steel with excellent working hardening effects is the ideal material. The tenacity of high manganese steel can make sure the normal working of jaw crusher. So generally, Zenith adopts high manganese steel to make fixed& movable jaw plate.

Composition And Hardness Of Raw Material

The composition and hardness of raw materials to make the wear parts is also a very important factor. According to research, with the increasing of relative hardness, the wear resistance of raw materials will also increase. So while choosing suitable materials to make wear parts in jaw crusher, if the stones need to be crushed have high hardness, the raw materials should also have high hardness. In this case, when the tenacity reaches to requirement, we should choose raw materials with high hardness to make the wear parts.

Wearing Mechanism

While choosing suitable raw materials, we should also take the wearing mechanism of each part into consideration. If the part mainly under cutting force, then we should firstly consider about the hardness. But if the parts mainly under fatigue wear, we should firstly consider the tenacity of raw materials.

The parts in Zenith jaw crusher is strictly designed by our experts, we fully take the above factors into consideration while choosing materials to make the parts. If you are interested in jaw crusher, please contact us.

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