sand making machine is the star product of Zenith that used for artificial sand making. In the working process of sand making machine, there is something that operators should pay attention to. In this article, we mainly talk about attentions in VSI sand making crusher working process.

Attentions In sand making machine Working Process

The improper operation of sand making machine in its working process may cause accident or lead to the inefficiency, so in the working process of sand making machine, operators should pay attention to the following factors.

Before feeding raw materials, make the machine idling for about 5 minutes to make sure the machine work normally. Check if the screws are tight, if the scale board and hammer are matched. If not, operators should adjust them.

While feeding the raw materials, operators should check if there is iron or other foreign body in them. If there is, operators should separate them out to avoid the damage of main crushing parts. What's more, the raw materials should be fed into sand making machine evenly and continuously.

In the working process, operators should make sure the belt conveyors bear evenly force, which is for getting even and suitable final particles.

In the working process, operators should check if the working voltage is stable and make sure the voltage meets the working requirements of motor.

Besides, operators should strictly follow the operating rules, adding lubrication oil regularly and change the bearings timely according to their damage degree.

Besides these factors, there are some others that operators should pay attention to. Generally, when customer purchase machine, manufacturer will notice him to follow the operating rules. As a professional manufacturer, Zenith provides not only the operating rules but also can provide operator training for free. If you are interested in our VSI sand making crusher, please contact us.

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