Typically, the washed kaolin processing line often consists of several stages, such as blasting, transportation, crushing, and grinding, etc. As a professional manufacturer of mining equipment, Zenith is able to give you personalized solutions for your kaolin quarrying activities. Here we focus on our washed kaolin production line, which mainly includes the process of crushing, grinding, and washing.MLUUltrafine Mill, Ultrafine Mill Price For Sale

Market Analysis of Kaolin Industry

Kaolin is one of the most common minerals on the earth. With the rapid development of modern science technology, the high purity kaolin has been already widely used in atomic reactor, spacecraft, space shuttle and so on. Kaolin has much various impurities such as quartz, iron ore and titanium mineral, etc. Kaolin could not be widely used in industry and high-tech industry until it through purification process. Kaolin powder is used in ceramics, medicine, coated paper, as a food additive, in toothpaste, as a light diffusing material in white incandescent light bulbs, and in cosmetics. It is generally the main component in porcelain. With the large demand for kaolin powder, the kaolin industry also meets some challenges and chances. MLUUltrafine Mill, Ultrafine Mill Price For Sale

Washed Kaolin Production Process

Washed kaolin is got from the wet process, which includes three stages, that is, the mineral preparation, mineral dressing and processing, Mineral preparation consists of work of burdening, crushing, stirring pulp and so on. Stirring pulp is to make pulping from mixture of raw kaolin ore, water and dispersing agent in the stirring equipment. What's more, stirring working process also could make the raw ore separated and prepare kaolin ore pulp with reasonable fineness for choosing working process, meanwhile clear away the dinas with big particles. During the dressing and processing working process, it mainly consists of hydraulic classification, flotation separation, selective flocculation, magnetic separation, chemical processing (albifaction) working process, this is in order to clear away the different impurities.MLUUltrafine Mill, Ultrafine Mill Price For Sale

Kaolin Crushing Machine

The process of kaolin crushing is consisted of primary crushing and secondary crushing. Typically, jaw crusher is used in the primary crushing, and the impact crusher is used in the secondary crushing. Usually, according to the quarry conditions, mobile crushers are also used in the kaolin quarrying. After the two stages of kaolin crushing, large kaolin whose diameter is approximately 1.5 meters has changed into kaolin particle, and the size of kaolin particles can achieve to 25mm or less. As for the selection of kaolin crushing plants, Zenith specialists suggest using the PE series jaw crusher and PFW series impact crusher, which features high efficiency, high capacity, reliable performance and low operation cost.MLUUltrafine Mill, Ultrafine Mill Price For Sale

MLUUltrafine Mill, Ultrafine Mill Price For Sale

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