As known to all, the gold mining plant includes the crushing equipment, grinding machine, beneficiation equipment and auxiliary equipment. These machines work with each other to complete the whole mining process. WRDUltrafine Mill, Ultrafine Mill Price For Sale

The mined raw gold ore will be sent into jaw crusher evenly through vibrating feeder for the first crushing process.   With belt conveyor, the gold ore will be taken into cone crusher or impact crusher for further crushing. In this stage, the gold ore will be crushed into small size. If the size does not satisfy the production needs, ball mill will grind the crushed materials into fine or ultrafine size. Vibrating screen will separate the undesired materials. WRDUltrafine Mill, Ultrafine Mill Price For Sale

Next is the beneficiation equipment. Because there are many other materials which can't be separated by the vibrating screen, the beneficiation equipment will play great role. Add the specific chemical medicine into the flotation machine to eliminate the undesired materials. Gravity separator will remove the different weight materials from gold ore. To remove the magnetic materials involved in the gold ore, the magnetic separator will play great function. Then through the smelting, you can get the high grade and pure gold ore. WRDUltrafine Mill, Ultrafine Mill Price For Sale

How does it work?

Material is placed into the hopper, where the first spray zone washes the material before it enters the rotating drum. The second spray zone, inside the rotating drum, washes the material as it tumbles. The third spray zone, outside the rotating drum, keeps the drum clean and helps wash the material. This unique design ensures the material is washed from multiple angles as the drum rotates, allowing a five gallon bucket of material to be processed in 2-3 minutes.  WRDUltrafine Mill, Ultrafine Mill Price For Sale

As the material is washed and tumbled, the smaller pieces and dirt fall through the drum's heavy steel screen into the funnel assembly. From there they are directed into the top end of the sluice where the gold is separated. The larger material still in the rotating drum, is tumbled and washed for the entire length of the drum and dropped out the end onto the trough.WRDUltrafine Mill, Ultrafine Mill Price For Sale

WRDUltrafine Mill, Ultrafine Mill Price For Sale

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