PFW Impact Crusher

PFW impact crusher is the latest type of Zenith impact crusher. It is designed and developed with more than 20 years' research and experience and introduces the advanced crushing technology from abroad. PFW impact crusher is generally used as secondary or fine crushing equipment in stone processing line, particularly suitable for soft or medium hard materials like limestone, gypsum, gold ore etc.

Main Structure And Working Principle

The main components of PFW impact crusher are rear frame, hydraulic cylinder, impact plate, blow bar, rotor, lining plate, front frame etc.

This crusher crushes materials with impact force. While working, the raw materials are fed into the crushing cavity and be crushed by the impact of the high-speed blow bar. Then the raw materials will be shot to the impact plates for secondary crushing. After this the raw materials will be thrown back to the blow bar again for another crushing. This process will repeat until all the materials reach to desired sizes.

Basic Info

PFW impact crusher Capacity
Feed particle size:250-700mm
Production capacity:70-400T/h
Suitable material: limestone, calcite, feldspar, talc, barite, rare earth, clay, kaolin, gypsum, graphite

Improvements Of Impact Crusher

From the above information, we can see that in the crushing process, the impact plate, the rotor and the blow bar are directly contact the raw materials. In this case, the impact plate and the blow bar are the main wear-resistant parts in the PFW impact crusher. In order to extend their service, Zenith makes some improvements about these parts in the crusher.

Impact plate: Zenith adopts tooth-board to make the impact plate, which not only reduce the damage but also improve the crushing efficiency.

Blow bar: this crusher adopts unique fix device in the blow bar, which ensures the reliable performance of blow bar.

Rotor: Zenith PFW impact crusher adopts heavy duty and superior weight rotor, which can produce higher inertia and impact force. In this case, the crushing ratio will be improved.

PFW Impact Crusher Technical Data

Model Rotor Φ *L (mm) Feed Opening (mm) Max Feeding (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
PFW1214II Φ 1150*1400 1100*1430 500 130-200 4-132 Y315M-4/132 2400*2310*2550
PFW1315II Φ 1300*1500 1200*1530 600 180-320 4-160 Y315L1-4/160 2700*2570*2800
PFW1318II Φ 1300*1800 1200*1830 700 240-400 4-200 Y315L2-4/200 2700*2870*2800
PFW1415II Φ 1400*1500 1450*1530 800 240-450 4-200 Y315L2-4/200 3000*2700*3070