PEW Jaw Crusher

The PEW jaw crusher in European style is designed on the basis of over 30 years' experience and research. With its features and advantages, it has become the most popular crushing equipment in the world. The PEW jaw crusher can be used for crushing various stones and minerals with compression below 320Mpa.

Main Structure

The PEW jaw crusher in European style mainly consist of frame, the rotation part of eccentric bearing, the working part of the crushing cavity, the safety unit, the adjustment devices of the discharge opening and so on.

Basic Info

PEW jaw crusher Capacity
Feed particle size:150-930mm
Production capacity:12-650T/h
Suitable material: granite, marble, limestone, quartz stone, basalt, river pebbles, iron ore, copper ore.

Working Principle Of PEW Jaw Crusher

The crushing cavity of PEW jaw crusher is formed of the movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate. While working, the motor drives the flywheel through the V-belt. Then the flywheel drives the eccentric shaft to make the movable jaw plate moves in a certain track. When the movable jaw plate moves close to the fixed jaw plate, the raw materials in the crushing cavity will be squeezed and crushed. When the movable jaw plate moves away from the fixed jaw plate, the crushed materials will fall down and discharged from the outlet opening.

Advantages Of PEW Jaw Crusher

Compared with traditional jaw crusher, Zenith PEW jaw crusher shows remarkable advantages in various aspects. Firstly, it has large capacity range, suitable for various crushing requirements of the customers. Generally, the capacity range of jaw crushers in market is from 3-500tph, but Zenith PEW jaw crusher can handle 15-650tph. Secondly, it has great reliability. Zenith adopts high quality cast steel to make the moving jaw assembly, which ensures the ideal reliability even under severe working conditions. Thirdly, the crushing cavity is summarized V shape, which makes sure the actual feed size equal to the nominal one, avoids the blocking of raw materials in the crushing cavity.

PEW Jaw Crusher Technical Data

Model Feed Opening (mm) Max Feeding (mm) Discharge Opening (mm) Capacity (t/h) REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
PEW200*1000 200*1000 220 20-40 15-50 330 6-37 Y250M-6/37 1400*1850*1310
PEW250*1200 250*1200 220 20-40 20-50 330 6-37 Y250M-6/37 1400*2050*1310
PEW400*600 400*600 350 35-85 15-70 250 6-37 Y250M-6/37 1920*1460*1840
PEW760 760*1100 620 75-200 150-350 270 6-110 Y315L1-6/110 2600*2500*2200
PEW860 860*1100 720 100-225 200-500 240 6-132 Y315L2-6/132 3300*2320*3120
PEW1100 1100*1200 930 150-275 300-650 210 8-185 Y355L1-8/185 4140*2660*35600