HST cone crusher

Recently, we had an interview with engineer Li from Zenith, mainly talking about Zenith new hydraulic cone crusher—HST single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. According to the suggestions from many customers, we asked several questions.

How Do You Introduce Your HST Cone Crusher?

Li: HST single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is one of the star products of Zenith. It combines mechanics, hydraulic, electrics, automation, intelligent-control into one set, representing the world's most advanced crusher.

Basic Info

HST cone crusher Capacity
Feed particle size:76-320mm<
Production capacity:55-700t/h
Suitable material: iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, pebbles

What Kind Of Materials Can I Use It To Crush?

Li: HST cone crusher can be used to crush various kinds of raw materials, particularly suitable for hard and super hard materials, such as iron ore, basalt, granite, quartz rock, cobble stone and so on. Generally, we do not suggest customers use cone crusher to crush soft materials, because there will be much powder produced.

How Does This Crusher Work?

Li: The raw materials are crushed and squeezed in the crushing cavity, which is formed by the moving cone (the mantle) and the fixed cone (the concaves). In the HST cone crusher working process, the motor drives the eccentric shaft bushing through V-belt, driving shaft and driving gear. Under the force of the eccentric shaft bushing, the mantle moves back and forth towards the concaves. When the mantle moves close to the concaves, the raw materials will be squeezed and crushed and when the mantle moves away from the concaves, the crushed raw materials fall and discharged at the outlet opening.

What Do You Think Is The Luminous Point Of This Crusher?

Li: there are various features and advantages of Zenith HST cone crusher, such as large capacity, high crushing efficiency, easier maintenance etc. But I think the luminous point of this new crusher has high quality products shape. As we know, the final products of traditional cone crusher contain much needle-like particles because of its crushing principle. But Zenith HST cone crusher adopts optimized laminated crushing cavity, which greatly reduce the content of needle-like particles, improve the final products quality.

HST Cone Crusher Technical Data

Model Cavities Maximum feeding size(mm) Minimum discharging size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Maximum install power(kw)
HST100 S1(Extra Coarse) 240 22 85-125 90
S2(Medium Coarse) 200 19 70-95
H1(Fine) 135 10 46-128
H2(Medium Fine) 65 8 36-76
H3(Extra Fine) 38 4 27-57
HST160 S1(Extra Coarse) 360 25 126-215 160
S2(Medium Coarse) 300 22 108-180
S3(Coarse) 235 19 91-165
H1(Fine) 185 13 69-215
H2(Medium Fine) 90 10 60-160
H3(Extra Fine) 50 6 45-105
HST250 S1(Extra Coarse) 450 35 267-456 250
S2(Medium Coarse) 400 29 225-333
S3(Coarse) 300 25 195-317
H1(Fine) 215 16 110-380
H2(Medium Fine) 110 13 115-335
H3(Extra Fine) 70 8 90-235
HST315 S1(Extra Coarse) 560 41 350-605 315
S2(Medium Coarse) 500 38 318-630
H1(Fine) 275 16 177-660
H2(Medium Fine) 135 16 195-500
H3(Extra Fine) 65 13 205-320
HST520 H1(Fine) 300 22 430-1515 520
H2(Medium Fine) 155 19 380-1375
H3(Extra Fine) 80 10 270-775
HST750 H1(Fine) 370 25 460-2130 750
H2(Medium Fine) 195 22 525-1605
H3(Extra Fine) 85 10 350-885